Tianli Magnet's main industry solutions

Stainless Steel Sorting Solution

The solution is to sorting stainless steel and wire from the soild waste by a simple plant line.

Non-ferrous Metal Sorting solution

The solution is to sort out the ferrous,non-ferrous metal(Cu,Al,Zn,Mg,Au,Ag,Pb,etc) from the metal contained mixed material.

Auto Shredder Residual Pre-Sorting Solution

The solution is tailored for the the wet/High moisture content Auto Shredder Residual matrial processing.It is including the ultra Fine particles(less than 2mm) screening system. The solution have two kinds of options.1) online continous operation system,

Slag Dry Sorting Solution

The new dry selection method effectively solves the problem of water treatment in the traditional wet process, with more compact and reasonable arrangement, smaller footprint and more environmental protection.The disposal process effectively prevents meta

Slag Wet Sorting Solution

The whole process uses physical method, no waste gas, waste water, waste residue and other pollution sources are discharged.

Slag Pre-sorting Solution

Drum screen separation of large and medium two kinds of particles,large material into horizontal air separation,the medium particles are first separated from the small particles by the astrolabe screen. medium and fine particles into the horizontal air

30TPH Aluminium Scrap Recycling Plant

30TPH Aluminium Scrap Recycling Plant - from hopper to infeed conveyor then go to trommel screen, we can effectively recycling clean aluminium by metal sorting plant. Wanna high recovery and purity aluminium scrap for second use as material ? contact jack

Semi-mobile Aluminium Scrap Recycling Plant

Semi-mobile Aluminium Scrap Recycling Plant

Lithium ion Battery Recycling Plant

Lithium ion Battery Recycling Plant

Focus on solid waste recycling technology

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