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Mobile Eddy Current Separator (MECS)

Mobile Eddy Current Separator is designed to be installed at a building site or in the field. It separates both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in one step from large bulk flows. This leaves you with three separate material flows: ferrous, non-ferrous and
Sortable Materials: high performance, high metal recovery ratio
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The unique TLM Mobile Eddy Current Separator incorporates a 22-pole High Gauss stationary eddy current separator with a fully mobile crawler track chassis. It also includes a Vibe Feeder, Drum Magnet and 3-fraction stock piling discharge conveyors for maximum processing capacity and efficiency.This enables waste processors to easily separate and recover valuable Non-ferrous Metals from a range of waste types such as; Scrap Metal, SRF/RDF,C&D Waste, MSW, Biomass and Skip Waste. 

Mobile eddy current separtor, also can be searched by names like: 

Mobile nonferrous metal sorter, Mobile metal recycling plant, Mobile ECS, etc.

Product advantages:

  • Folding belt adopts European standard design, beautiful and practical.

  • Chassis adopt imported crawler chassis, strong stability.

  • Built-in generator and external power supply mode for option

  • Fully automatic electric control panel system, remote control and remote opertaion can be realized.

  • High adaption can separation Non ferrous metal particles 5-200+mm

  • Modular design, easy operation and maintenance.


mobile eddy current separator

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Mobile eddy current separator

Mobile eddy current separator

Mobile eddy current separator

Mobile eddy current separator

mobile eddy current separator