Tianli Magnet Technology

China.Construction&Demolish materials recycling plant site

Tianli provides a complete set of magnetic separation equipment for the facility's annual disposal of 700,000 tons of construction waste disposal line without failings.
  • CRAFT:C&D materials recycling flow sheet
  • PRECISION:material recovery 98%
  • OUTPUT:Capacity 150T/h
  • SITE:Bei Jing

Since 2016, our company has cooperated with this enterprise to provide permanent overband magnet for construction waste disposal. At present, the overband magnet in more than 20 construction waste disposal lines invested and operated by the unit are all provided by our company, and the projects are spread throughout all districts of Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Jiangsu, Zhenjiang and other places.

  Each project will dispose 700,000 tons of construction waste annually, with a recycling rate of more than 97%; magnet of Tianli company has been put into production in 2016 and has been running smoothly since then, and the iron removal effect has won the satisfaction of project users