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X-Ray Sorter(TLXGS)

TLXGS X-ray Sorter
Sortable Materials: separate metals from the mixed material by X-ray
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Product advantage :

System identification with self-learning function to accumulate material characteristic samples continuously.

Rugged ad accurte sorting 

 Working Principle:

X-Ray sorter is a kind of belt sorting machine,the material is transported through the conveyor belt ,passing betwee the X-ray

emitter (source) above the conveyor belt and a set of LDA dual-energy receivers below ,at this time,determine the wavelength

absorption degree of each piece of material passing through,and triggers a jet valve fixed on the the control unit analyzes and screens after receiving the measurement signal ,triggering the jet valve fixed n the guide bar at the front of the belt head pulley.

Application Scope:

Zorba sorting of end of -life car crushing and recycling aluminum (aluminum slices):speparating aluminum slices from aluminum allloys from heavy metals suchas copper,zinc,lead and magnesium alloy; Or separating the Zorba sorting separates the raw aluminum from the cooked aluminum in the aluminum alloy.

End-of -life automotve plastic sorting:Removal of chlorinated and brominated flame retardant plastics from automotive plastic debris.

Reclaimed aluminum raw material selection:By reducing the Zn,Cu,and Fe in the reclaomed aluminum raw material content to improve the quality and valve of raw mateirals .