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Sorting technologies play an important role in preserving resources. We provide our customers with sorting systems, which solve sorting tasks and help to keep increasingly scarce resources in circulation. We develop technology to identify resources and sort them according to relevance. To do this, we work with you to evolve unexpected solutions. We are proud to supply you with leading sorting system: quick to install and easy to use, they are your most direct route to increased recovery, purity and profitability. Everyone benefits from the customized sorting system by make materials(metal or plastic) recycling to be a profit business and reduce the waste of resource.
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Our 15+years TIANLI MAGNET
Design&Manufacture Experiences

Since 2006, TLM involved in the material sorting system design and manufacture.

  • Authorized Eddy Current Separator Patent

  • Authorized Metal Sorting System Patent

  • Authorized Mobile Magnet Separator Patent

Tianli patented fist product

From design to after-sales, always give customers the best experience

Focus on Environmental Protection

The maximum use of resources is the ultimate manifestation of our self-requirements
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Professional Laboratory + Material Analysis Expert

We far surpass most domestic and foreign companies in material research, and are equipped with professional laboratories to serve material sorting research. The industry's leading solid waste sorting technology is combined with in-depth analysis of self-testing capabilities.

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Cumulative shipments 14 years

1100 mio

Cumulative sales in 14 years

12000 times

Over 14 years, cumulative experiments

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