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RCYQ seriesoverband magnet produced by our company is widely used in mobile crushing industry at home and abroad with excellent performance, lightness, convenient operation and other advantages. Eighty percent of the domestic mobile crushing and screening
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 With the rapid development of the country, the reconstruction of the old city districts and shanty houses in the suburbs has been vigorously promoted. A large number of old houses have been pushed down, resulting in a large amount of construction waste, so that the stacking and disposal of construction waste has become a problem for every city manager.

In view of the above situation, it is obviously unrealistic to pile up a large number of construction waste in the city for a long period of time, and it is difficult to even pull the construction waste to the suburban rural landfill. The only way to solve this problem is to crush and screen the construction waste to achieve resource recycling. But a fixed processing of construction waste solid waste line for environmental protection at the same time, covers an area of big investment is huge, also need to dismantle the building site waste transportation to the scene of the disposal of garbage, this has prompted the construction waste mobile crushing screening form quickly entered the market, at the same time the construction waste a large number of maximum recovery value of materials such as scrap steel, we produce RCYQ series iron remover can efficiently extract the scrap metal materials, with superior performance, installation and lighter and easy to operate, and other advantages to widely used in mobile crushing industry. Eighty percent of the domestic mobile crushing and screening equipment are adopted by our company

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