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Mobile Magnet Separator (MMS)

The machine is mainly suitable for materal sorting industry ,the machine integrates the suction type magnetic separator and self-discharging magnetic separator ,can not only ensures the purtiy of the metal ,but also ensures the recovery rate of the metal,
Sortable Materials:
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Product Advantage:

Flexible application and strong applocability .

Modular design,easy operation and maintenance.

Chassis adpots imported crawler chassis ,strong stability .

Buit-in generator and external power supply mode for option.

Magnetic separation by perm-magnet magnetic system and electromagnetic system for selecction.

Auto electronic control system ,can realize remote control.


The mobile speparator take application with large heavy scrap metal such as steel that need separatoted in advance of further processing to protect equipment and ensure better separation downstream.The large heavy scrap metal can also yield significant cash value depending on the type of material being processing.The unit enables waste to easily seperate and recover valuable Ferrous Metals from a range of waste type such as ;scrap metal ,glass (MDF)clean up ,Electronic scrap(WEEE),batteries,C&D waste.ects,these can be recovered to obtain a vash value,to enchance overall separation quality and minimise valuable material send to landfill.

Product Parameters:

Product Model Over Power(KW)MotorWeight(kg)Working Dimensions

MMS-121435YUCAI YCF3675-S580