Tianli Magnet Technology

China. Construction&Demolish material recycling plant

This Plant line is the first professional construction waste processing line in Wuxi. For the sake of prudence, the clientconsulted equipment manufacturers, and our company finally won the order.
  • CRAFT:C&D materials recycling flow sheet
  • PRECISION:Material recycling recovery 98%
  • OUTPUT:Capacity 100T/h
  • SITE:jiangsu

In 2018, our company won the bidding of eddy current separator and magnetic separator in the construction waste processing plant line in Jiangsu Province by relying on the high performance to beat many competitors, and provided eddy current separator and magnetic separator for the client.

The project has an annual disposal of 300,000 tons of construction waste. Since it was put into production in 2018, our eddy current separator and magnetic separator have been running smoothly, effectively removing non-ferrous metals and ferromagnetic metals in the aggregate, which has provided a great help to improve the taste of aggregate for customers.